iolo Walker (b:1997) works with people + plants + planets to produce generative & expansive networks of mutual aid. Blurring text, events and performance with static and living practises, their work confronts localised and cosmic horrors with needles, piercing and stitching metabolic rifts and ozonal holes.

Selected shows

Cloak and Dagger, Hole and Corner, SET Woolwhich, London (2023)

Baggage Claim, Staffordshire Street Gallery, London (2023)

Adero, Lelija Factory, Vilnius (2022)

Tango Lab I, DSL, Vilnius (2022)

To Love Ones Home, Avalon, London (2022)

D3vination , DSL, Vilnius (2022)

The Fantasy of Dreams and Nightmares, Limbo, London (2022)

Eisteddfod, Avalon, London (2022)

Dark River Open Sky, Deptford BeachLondon (2022)

Goldsmiths Degree Show, London (2021) 

24 Hour Exhibition @YURPDIVER, London (2021)

Sympoiesis symposium, London (2021)

Themselves Warehouse Festival, London (2019)

Release Party: AJ Pain "U-Heads", London (2019)

Long Walks by the Sea, Laurie Grove Baths, London (2019)

Love & Care of the Countryside, PS Mirabel, Manchester (2018)

Group Show_1, Flying Dutchman, London (2018)

Themselves, Group Show, London (2018)

Future/Power, ICA, Croydon (2018)

L’Hurlo, KinBerlin, Berlin (2018)

Post-post, Globe Gallery, Berlin (2017)

Freedom Matters, GGP, Manchester (2017-ongoing)

Whalley Range Festival, Whalley Range Council, Manchester (2017)

Small Steps Festival, Manchester (2017)

Boddah49, Jury Selection Prize Sarasota Film Festival, Florida (2016)


Rupert, Vilnius, Lithuania - Magic and Ritual AEP (2022)

Goldsmiths Univeristy of London - BA Fine Art (2017-2021)

Shift Bristol, Bristol - Practical Sustainability Course (2019-2020)

Total Lab, Uzana, Bulgaria – Training of Trainers (2016)