Toes curled love & jump was a series of 3 interventions on the Thames, relocalising bladderwrack from Swanscombe Marshes to Deptford beach. It was deployed on witching hour of Beltane & removed with scuba divers on the flower moon.  

Infinite gratitude to Jeno Davies, Suzannah Walker, Pepe Mason Bradshaw, Stuart Walker, Eedie Baker Thompson, Arwel Walker, Ed Holloway, Karen McCarthy Woolf, Pop Holloway, Eve Holloway, Storm poorun, Richard Carey, Max Audureau, Calypso Keane, Ruari Seventeen, Isaac Bolton, Sokora Xilber, Louis James, James Sibley, Rose Sevink, Eve Jefferies, Hermione Shaw, Laura Doehler, Alejandro Escobar, Ellikot Frxncis-Hewett, Angus Forbes. To the moon, the spiders, the abyss, the crabs, the cities and the amoebas. All who i couldn’t have got anywhere without.